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These stair lights were installed in a holiday rental, to light the way for nighttime bathroom visits. They are automatically switched via discrete motion sensors, one at the top of the stairs, one in the newel post at the bottom.

This is another shower room refit that I recently worked on. The cupboard lighting has a door sensor which (once a door is fitted!) will switch the lights as the door is opened or closed.

Note the wall mounted toothbrush charger, a neat solution that does away with plugs and leads.

Shower room refit

This is a shower room refit that I recently worked on - new extractor, heated towel rail, LED mirror, and low level LED lights. The lights are on an occupancy sensor so they switch on automatically when someone enters the room.

Wall lights

Wireless switch

This is a clever little invention - a wireless switch. A receiver is wired in at the light fitting:

and is matched to the switch. The switch needs no power supply - when you press it, it converts the kinetic energy to electricity, which powers the signal to the receiver!

It has an impressive range - 30m indoors and 160m outdoors, and works through walls. One switch can control multiple receivers, or multiple switches can control one receiver. It's possible to get a key fob switch, and there's even a dimmer switch version available! They're safe to use in bathrooms, and there's no need to cut channels for cables. Here we used it to control garage lights from inside the main house - using a wireless switch saved a lot of time, expense and disruption.

LED Mirrors

Extra low voltage lighting in shower enclosure